Sunday Favourites 05/03/2017

It’s been quite a while since my last Sunday Favourites, but to be honest, my life is not always exciting enough to share the things I have enjoyed every single week. This past week though has been pretty awesome, especially since my boyfriend and I arrived in Tanzania on Wednesday. Here are some of the things that I enjoyed most in the last few days.

Pride- I have no idea why it took me so damn long to watch this movie, but in order to compensate the time lost I watched it twice this week! Pride tells the very heartwarming story of a homosexual activist group from London trying to help out Welsh miners during their long strike in the Thatcher era. It is full of funny moments, misunderstandings, prejudices, latex and just the right dose of tragic. Haven’t seen it yet? Go, watch it! Now!


Vitamin D- To me this past winter seemed to be extra long and dark. There really is nothing worse than leaving your house when it’s still dark outside and returning home when the sun has already set. As soon as I landed in Tanzania on Wednesday I realized just how much I had missed the sun. A little bit of Vitamin D can do wonders for my mood and the way I feel in general and I am really happy that winter is officially over!

Bajajis- Baja-what? These colourful, three-wheeled taxis are everywhere in Dar es Salaam and offer you the ride of your life. I wouldn’t recommend thinking too much about road safety when you hop on one of these, just hold on tight and enjoy the street life passing by.


Kunduchi Beach Resort- Before traveling inland and visiting Tanzania’s National Parks we decided to recharge our batteries in a beautiful area north of Dar es Salaam. Kunduchi Beach is part of a beautiful and luxurious hotel, but can also be accessed by day visitors. It’s not too expensive and offers gorgeous white sand and an ocean that is almost as warm as a bath in your tub at home.

Grilled banana – Yummy yummy yummy, I got love in my tummy! Grilled banana is by far the best food I’ve had in Tanzania so far and is definitely something that I will try to make myself when I’m back home in Germany.

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