5 not so average reasons why you should visit Warsaw

Okay, I have to admit, there is a huge disadvantage to traveling to Warsaw in the middle of Winter: it is freezing cold! I really cannot remember feeling so cold in the past 25 years. But hey, let’s be honest: you can definitely fall in love with a city even when you need the occasional hot beverage to survive your days there. Since I want you to fall in love with Warsaw as well, I listed 5 very good (and maybe a little unusual) reasons to come to Poland and spend some time in its capital down below. Enjoy!


History: Obviously Warsaw has a very dark and sad history of segregation, mass murder and other atrocities. But if you actually go and visit the Polish capital you will also find many encouraging stories of resistance, courage and hope. From the Warsaw uprising during the German occupation to Janusz Korczak who voluntarily accompanied the kids he had been caring for in an orphanage to Treblinka extermination camp: the people of Warsaw have always refused to accept their fate without showing incredible strength and willpower. And in the end, that’s what you take with you when you leave Warsaw.



Neon Art: The Neon Museum which is situated in the very cool Soho Factory complex is one of the funkiest museums I’ve ever visited. It holds a huge collection of neon signs from the city’s Communist era, some of them lit in a building, others arranged around the entire complex. It only takes very affordable 20 Zloty to visit the exhibition and I promise, you’ll really enjoy it!



Street Art: Ever heard about Esperanto? This international auxiliary language was originally invented to overcome differences between people from different nations by providing them with a language they could all speak. I had obviously heard about it before but got to see it for the first time in Warsaw! There is an entire facade covered in beautiful and meaningful street art and loads of Esperanto sayings. This is also probably the only place in the world where you can take a selfie with Einstein and the donkey from Shrek at the same time!


Architecture: Did you know that almost the entire old town of Warsaw was destroyed during the Second World War? I couldn’t believe how authentic every single building there looked. Even though many things that happened in Warsaw during the Soviet Era were questionable, there is no doubt that the reconstruction of this beautiful city is a true miracle. Architects worked for decades in order to recreate the old town of Warsaw and I couldn’t help but feel deeply impressed.



A shit load of love: Warsaw is probably the only place in the world where people actually promise each other endless love on a pile of shit. Yes, that is exactly what you just read. Right at the edge of Warsaw’s beautiful old town you can enjoy an amazing view of the Vistula river and Praha the only neighbourhood that wasn’t completely destroyed in World War 2. The little square from where you have this amazing view is called “hill of shit” in Polish because the city’s rubbish used to be put there in ancient times. Over the years hundreds of locks have been put there by lovers from all over the world, symbolizing their endless love. What a romantic place to do that!

If you would like to see more impressions of Warsaw make sure to check out my Instagram page!







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