Sunday Favourites 05/02/2017

Most people tend to hate Sundays since it’s the end of the weekend and Monday is just around the corner. One way to brighten a boring Sunday is to reminisce about the last week, which is what I get to share in this post. Enjoy!


Sofia- My first trip of 2017 set the bar high for every trip to come! Bulgaria’s capital is pretty unusual, yet unique and vibrant. My boyfriend and I had a great time exploring the city centre, indulging in delicious food and meeting some really interesting people at our hostel. This, for sure, has not been our last trip to Bulgaria and we would love to visit Sofia again in summer. Keep your eyes open for more in-depth blogposts about Sofia and check out my Instagram in order to join in on the adventure!

Modern Family- I consider myself to be a junkie when it comes to good TV shows. Modern Family lately has been my favourite and I can’t help but feel a little sad that I only discovered it in the past month. It’s such a quirky and loving show and I couldn’t pick a favourite character if my life depended on it! Dear people at Netflix Germany: please upload more seasons as soon as possible!


Snow- Right before landing in Sofia I looked out the airplane’s window and discovered the entire area to be covered with glorious, white, fluffy snow. Even though I grew up in southern Germany and am pretty used to snow I still got overly excited. After suffering in a cold and damp German winter that only provided us with a little mush of snow, walking around winter wonderland in Sofia was so much fun!


Madame Bulgaria- One of my favourite ways to prepare for a trip is to find local blogs and get an idea about how like minded people see their home city and what they recommend you to experience there. Madame Bulgaria is a really artsy and lovingly designed blog by a French woman who moved to Sofia a couple of years ago and shares all kinds of tips on how to make the best out of your visit to Bulgaria. A must read for anybody who plans to travel to Sofia!


Simon Helberg- When President Trump announced that he would ban citizens of seven different, mainly muslim, countries from entering the United States, many people around the world started to protest against his decision. The protest that stood out to me the most was a fairly simple and quiet one: when Simon Helberg, whom we all know from Big Bang Theory and his wife entered the red carpet of this year’s SAG Awards they made it pretty clear that they didn’t agree with Trump’s instructions to deny war refugees entrance to their home country. The right of political asylum is a human right and sometimes it takes a weirdly dressed engineer to remind us of that.

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