My city break essentials (winter edition)

What is your favourite time of year to travel? Well, my answer to this question will always be: right now. That’s why I am starting 2017 with two short city trips to Sofia and Warsaw. In order to enjoy yourself despite low temperatures and too little time to experience all the adventures foreign places have to offer, you have to make sure you are prepared. Don’t worry, I will let you in on my secrets to packing all you need in a carry-on bag and share with you my essentials for both trips.


Quechua backpack

A couple of years ago I finally ditched traveling with a suitcase and have been exploring the world with a backpack ever since. Since I wanted to keep my short trips to Bulgaria and Poland as cheap as possible I am only going to fly with hand luggage, which is where my 20 liters backpack from Quechua comes in handy. It is super light and meets all of the airline’s requirements while still being spacious enough for everything I need on a four day trip.

Dr. Martens 1460 W

When choosing the right shoe for a city break you have to keep different aspects in mind: choose a pair of shoes in which you can walk all day, that is lightweight and gives your feet the support they need while carrying you all day long. If you visit places in colder areas it is also important to reach for a pair that will prevent you from sliding on icy roads. In my case, I’ll rely on my good old Dr. Martens which have a really solid sole while still being easy to walk in.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Having the time to really indulge in a fantastic book is without a doubt one of the best things about traveling. I love browsing my bookshelves and reliving the memories of big and small trips that are connected to the books I have read while being on the road. Even though I consider myself a book nerd, I have actually never come around to reading Ransom Rigg’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and I can’t wait to sit in a café in Sofia or snuggle up at night in my hostel in Warsaw, while reading this classic.

Guides App

I already told you all about this amazing app in one of my last posts, which is why I will keep this short: if you are like me and prefer using the space in your backpack for camera gear and a great book rather than carrying around a massive travel guide, you need to download Guides asap!

Canon G7X

This little Christmas present really changed my photography game! Instead of carrying around my massive SLR camera I can keep it light and take this beauty with me. Since I am not planning on taking fancy wide angled or zoomed in pictures, I will be just fine with the high quality photos I can create with this compact camera.

Rituals Bed Mist

I am the first to admit: when it comes to my personal travel practices I can be pretty weird. Doing without make-up products or fancy perfume is not a big deal for me, but if I happen to forget my favourite bed mist I will find myself lying in a hostel bed and feeling really sad. Feeling at home, for me, has a lot to do with scents and there is nothing more comforting than sinking in pillows that smell familiar at the end of a long day. Consequently, I don’t want to travel without my favourite linen mist.

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