Sunday favourites 22/01/2017


A quick look at this week’s Sunday favourites shows I hardly managed to leave the house this last week. Don’t worry: the following array of sweets and at-home-distractions are not a sure sign of lovesickness. Unfortunately I fell pretty sick with the kind of cold that ties you to your bed and basically keeps you from having any fun at all. Trust me, I can’t wait to get out there and actually experience something again. Until then, enjoy this miserable week’s weekly favourites:



Marvel Cinematic Universe- The only great thing about being sick is that I get do decide what movies and TV shows my boyfriend and I watch. He had actually never seen a Marvel movie and so I had to force him to watch Iron Man with me. Well, two days later we had worked our way through the entire Avengers Universe and he was just as enthusiastic as I was when I first got into Tony Stark, Captain Rogers, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, Hawkeye and Thor. These movies are just a lot of fun and won’t fail to put a smile on your face, even if you feel like crap.


Instagram account @theslowtraveler- Every once in a while I stumble upon a really unique Instagram account and I’m not sure whether to feel really thrilled about it or be incredibly jealous. Carolyn’s theslowtraveler account is packed with exquisite travel and lifestyle photography and catapulted me into the streets of dreamy towns and her beautiful home. Make sure to follow her on Instagram, you won’t be disappointed!

Snickers Ice Cream- Well, everybody knows the only thing that can truly cure a sore throat is ice cream. Lots of ice cream, preferably chocolate flavoured. These little, frozen bars saved my life this week and even though I’ll probably have to work the treadmill a little more often as soon as I get better, I don’t regret eating a single one of them (or two dozens).


A surprise bouquet of flowers- I am not a particularly old-fashioned girl but I have to admit: receiving and giving a gorgeous bouquet of flowers is the kind of tradition that I would like to incorporate into my life a lot more. After hearing me moan on the telephone my mum decided to send me a surprise bouquet of tulips. When the delivery guy handed me the bouquet and the lovely card I felt really special and lucky. This amazing surprise reminded me to be a little more thoughtful myself and I can’t wait to surprise somebody else with a bouquet soon.

Dominion- Yes, I am a passionate board gamer. Laugh at me all you want but spending a night in with some good friends and  battling each other in a good game of Dominion is one of my favourite things to do. Summarizing this particular board game is quite hard, but let me tell you: if you enjoy games set in a medieval setting and like to get creative with different strategies you should definitely try Dominion!







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