Sunday Favourites 15/01/2017

Sundays are not just for long breakfasts in bed, long Netflix sessions and enjoying a glass of wine and a great book in the bathtub. The last day of the week is also the perfect day to look back on your week and appreciate the big and little things that made you really happy. So here are my weekly favourites:

Small, independent cinemas- The city of Dortmund almost lost one if its biggest treasures at the end of last year when the local Schauburg almost had to give up its beautiful, old-fashioned and nostalgic location in the city centre. Going to see a movie there at the beginning of the week really reminded me just how valuable small, independent cinemas are and how important it is to support your local cinemas instead of big, overprized  chains.



Running – Most of my friends and family will be really shocked by this announcement, but I have actually come to really enjoy running on a regular basis. I have never been sporty spice, but in the last couple of weeks I have really benefited from running three times a week and clearing my mind while doing so. Unfortunately I am terribly slow but I hope to work on that in the months to come.



Travel planning – Pleasant anticipation is known to be the best kind of delight and I have spent the entire week planning all my small and big trips in 2017 and getting extremely excited about what’s to come. Booking flights, browsing my favourite travel blogs, gathering activity ideas and reading travel guides is almost as much fun as traveling itself. To be honest, it doesn’t even matter whether you can afford what you are reading about or not; just indulging in some daydreaming makes me really happy.


Loco Travel Magazine – This indie online travel magazine has been my favourite read this week! After joining its e-mail subscription service for free I got to enjoy my first weekly story written by Amanda Smith. Reading about our weird and destructive relationship with money and how traveling and living with a minimum of stuff can make us a lot richer was really inspiring. You can join the Loco Travel community here.


Canon G7X – I have been a really lucky girl this Christmas but this small Canon camera has been by far the best gift! Finally I don’t have to drag my big and heavy Canon 550 d along anymore while still being able to take high-quality photos. This gadget fits into every purse and it has been a lot of fun to take funny selfies and capture some of my favourite day-to-day moments. Follow me on Instagram to take part in the fun I have with this camera!







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